Day #3 – Thursday – July 4, 1974

Count Marco - July 4, 1974

Is Being Called Sexy Degrading?

Did you know that if a company proudly announces to the public that its female employes (sic) are sexy, it’s considered degrading to its employees?

At least that’s what the airline stewardess union is protesting. “It could lead to a spontaneous loss of enthusiasm,” said the president of the Association of Flight Attendants.

I guess she honestly believes that such sex-oriented promotions will actually lead male passengers to expect something from stewardesses besides safe, courteous service.

An airline could advertise, “our female flight attendants are safe.” But if a male passenger asked, “Just how safe are you?” he could get his coffee or tea over his head.

If the airlines really want the stewardesses to look safe, they should put them all in mechanic’s overalls.

The flight attendants group had its feathers ruffled particularly over one airline’s promotion, “We really move our tail for you.”

As a multi-million miler I’m not about to fly any plane that doesn’t move its tail.

Besides, if a stewardess can’t handle a flippant male passenger, then I don’t think she’s strong enough to open an emergency door.

This post is part of a series, Ten Days of Count Marco, which examines the ten Count Marco columns leading up to the July 8, 1974 Count Marco letter.