Robert Domingos and Linda Edwards

Back in 2011, John B. Averitt, Ph.D., who had been friends with Robert Domingos and Linda Edwards in high school, released the above five-part documentary (each part lasting approximately ten minutes) about the couple’s still-unsolved 1963 murder. While skipping school as part of Senior Ditch Day, these high-school sweethearts were bizarrely gunned down on an isolated beach just north of Santa Barbara, California.

Although perpetrated 300 miles to the south of San Francisco and five-and-a-half years before the Zodiac’s first Bay Area murder, many people who are familiar with the cases (myself included) believe Robert and Linda were killed by the man who would later go on to become the Zodiac. Moreover, because this crime is the earliest known unsolved murder which bears similarity to the later actions of the Zodiac, many of the same people further believe these 1963 homicides were the killer’s first.

Because John grew up in the same small community as Robert and Linda and also attended high school with the couple, he is able to develop valuable insights about the circumstances and the details of the murders. He also does a thorough job of reviewing the newspaper reporting at the time. Overall, this is an excellent documentary, and I am happy that John invested the time and effort to make it.

One clarification I would like to add is that the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office did, in fact, find, interview, and clear the suspect mentioned in part four of the documentary, i.e. George Gill.

If you are at all interested in the tragic murders of Robert Domingos and Linda Edwards, please watch this video. And, of course, be sure to share any thoughts you have in the comments.