“Finally, a Zodiac book I can GLOWINGLY recommend.”

Tom Voigt

Zodiac case expert who has appeared in countless Zodiac Killer documentaries. Owner of zodiackiller.com.

“Michael Cole’s book, The Zodiac Revisited, brings a fresh level of deep research and unique contour to this long unsolved case.  He not only reviews the crimes in extraordinary detail but also pursues fascinating and sometimes unexpected possibilities that add dimension to the puzzle. Whether the reader is new to this perennial mystery or a master of the facts of the case, this book offers an innovative and captivating interpretation with much food for thought.”

Michael Kelleher, PhD

Zodiac case expert and co-author of "This is the Zodiac Speaking: Into the Mind of a Serial Killer".

“I highly recommend [The Zodiac Revisited] to anybody wanting to learn about the Zodiac Killer story…you can guarantee that every aspect of [Michael’s] presentation has been thoroughly researched and well-thought-out.

Richard Grinell

Zodiac case expert and owner of zodiacciphers.com.

“Cole put a lot of care and detail into these pages, and it shows. His ear for the details surrounding the case is pitch perfect. Tune in if you’re ready for the case of a lifetime.”

Independent Book Review

“Michael Cole’s ‘Zodiac Revisited’ series cuts through the intimidating onslaught of case information, and deftly extracts a comprehensive collection of fact-based details and evidence.  This series of books is a must-have for anyone who takes this case seriously!”

David Oranchak

Zodiac cipher expert and member of the three-person team who solved the killer's 340 cipher 51 years after its original publication.

Incredibly informative on the facts of the case, the possible explanations, and why investigators to this day still have not solved this cold case, any lover of true crime would thoroughly enjoy what this book has to offer.

San Francisco Book Review

“Cole’s descriptions of the lives and personalities of those who fell to this tragic fate serve to memorialize them, if not bring them back to life. Hence the service performed by the author’s book is great indeed.”

The US Review of Books

“…Cole meticulously lays out the details of the case, along with new insights and threads of theories that he will ultimately examine in this series’ remaining volumes.”