Karl Werner Newspaper Articles

Karl Werner murdered Kathy Snoozy, Deborah Furlong (both on August 3, 1969), and Kathy Bilek (April 11, 1971). Because he used the number 7 (instead of 5) and included the month August on the his first instance of the "score" taunt from the Dripping-Pen Card, some have speculated that the Zodiac was claiming to have murdered Snoozy and Furlong.

Michael Cole


  1. LONEWOLFE 4 January, 2016 at 12:49 Reply

    why this is a not a job done by THE ZODIAC KILLER? just because the young man admitted his murders? the he was capable to answer if he have mental problems? just tell you is ZODAIC KILLER JOB that is one of the skills from ZODIAC make some else to admitted his murders like his dummy ARTHUR LEIGHT ALLEN and others but there is one thing match, remember ZODIAC KILLER DONE THE JOB WITH SMALL KNIFE IN RIVERSIDE (CHERI JO BATES) THE BIG GIANT “Z”

  2. Richard Grinell 9 March, 2016 at 02:21 Reply

    They supposedly ruled out Werner on account he lived in Massachusetts and moved to California in early 1969. They say this ruled him out of the Zodiac murders that began 2 and a half years earlier. However we only have 5 confirmed murders and even the Lake Herman Road double murder only occurred a matter of months before he moved. But he could easily have traveled to California in advance of his move, for that particular date. Zodiac likely referred to 2 victims in August in the ‘Dripping Pen’ card, ie: Snoozy and Furlong, and in the ‘Woods die April’ card describes the killing of Kathy Bilek, both crimes to which Werner was attributed. He was ruled out of being Zodiac, although he was an accomplished mathematician and was jailed for life in late 1971, after which the Zodiac letters ceased. (if you disregard the late flurry of letters in 1974). I don’t believe he was Zodiac, but the fact he was supposedly in Massachusetts over the December 20th 1968 period has to be proved. How can his location on this particular day be confirmed some three years later, unless they can verify this with occupational records or such like.

  3. Thomas Henry Horan 5 July, 2016 at 17:12 Reply

    Kudos for actually coming up with some solid documentation of some actual facts. If–and it’s a big if–the person writing the so-called “Zodiac Killer” letters was trying to claim credit for Snoozy and Furlong, then he was obviously lying. More significantly, the obvious changes in handprinting and personality, and the sudden and complete lack of any “facts” (accurate or inaccurate) directly related to ANY actual crime that is obvious beginning with the fifth letter and from then on, clearly shows that a second (and probably third) person took over writing the letters.

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