Tom Voigt On The Zodiac Killer Cover-Up

Gil Gross from NewsTalk 910 AM in San Francisco interviewed Tom Voigt (owner of regarding Lyndon Lafferty's book The Zodiac Killer Cover-Up: The Silenced Badge.

Come on Tom, quit holding back and tell us what you really think!

Michael Cole


  1. alison jones 26 January, 2013 at 08:42 Reply

    hi tom who is this man they call zodiac will they ever close this case mike mague said he will never forget is face stockey white brown curly hair 5 8 was it arthur leigh allan we will never know allans prints did not match was it someone in the police or homocide or working for the police who knows wing walkers boots someone in the navy could get acces to these boots strange case this one did you find out who the man in the picture was with glasses alison.

    • Alex 1 July, 2013 at 08:16

      It wasn’t Allen, his prints don’t match, his handwriting doesn’t match, and his DNA doesn’t match DNA taken from beneath the stamp affixed to one of Zodiac’s letters. Plus, as you said, Zodiac was described by Hartnell and Mageau as having short, curly brown hair. That seems to eliminate bald headed Arthur Allen, also. The description matches Larry Kane perfectly. Tom States in this interview that Zodiac was primarily described as being in his 30’s. He’s clearly not telling the listeners that Officer Don Fouke said the man he saw on Jackson st was aged 35 -45, and that Fouke also said, after seeing the composite sketch, that it was similar to the man he saw, but that the man was Older and Heavier Looking than what the composite depicts. The people who described Zodiac as being in his late 20’s or early to mid 30’s, David Slaight and Bryan Hartnell for example, had never seen his face! They were going by his voice alone. They said his voice sounded like a younger man. The witnesses who actually saw Zodiac, Fouke & Presidio Heights teen’s, said he was at least 35 years old, as is evidence on the wanted poster created by them when it states under the sketch “WMA (White Male Adult), 35-45 Years, heavy build, short brown hair – possibly with red tint, wears glasses.” This fits Lawrence Kane’s description perfectly and incidentally, when Fouke was asked to view Kane’s photo years later, said he’d been asked to look at hundreds of photos over the years, and of all of them, Lawrence Kane’s was the best likeness.

    • Ken D. Webber 23 October, 2016 at 03:11

      You’re wrong. Allen COULD be Zodiac. Zodiac watched The Most Dangerous Game. The movie is about a CLUB of people who engage in murder. A club, not a single person. One person kills, the other leaves the evidence and taunts cops. That way, the evidence, handwriting, DNA, etc. never matches the killer to the crime.

  2. John K 21 July, 2014 at 23:34 Reply

    just curious do you think Cheney could have assisted ALA? Seems to want to involve himself in this morbid case. Just seems either he is looking for fame or is slowly leaking involvement. would like your opinion. I believe he has never had DNA test.

  3. Keith Moore 4 February, 2015 at 22:48 Reply

    I was watching a program on TV about the Zodiac killer and saw that you head up a group of people that meet and discuss the Zodiac killer periodically.
    I was born in Napa in 1966 and was raised in the Capell and Wooden Valley areas for most of my life and I believe that I was almost a victim of the killer. The details are very fuzzy…but i was living at the time in Capell Valley. My Father and mother ran a store and gas station owned by the Pridmores. We lived in a large white house across Hiway 128.
    On the side of the gas station was a long row of boat storage buildings on each side of a paved driveway. At the end of the driveway was a house where the older Mrs. Pridmore lived. I used to walk down the driveway between the row of storage buildings to visit Mrs. Pridmore very often. I believe that the year was around 1971 or 72 and i was walking back home from visiting Mrs, Pridmore and as I was walking there was a blue colored car parked in front of the rentals. I believe that it was a light blue Mustang or Maveric. Sitting in the car with the door open was a large man that had a stocky build. he looked to be in his thirties and he had light brown hair and was wearing a blue Hawiian type shirt. He had music playing from the car radio. As i walked by I kept my distance because I new to stay away from strangers. but as I neared him he was watching me and asked me if I wanted to take a ride with him. I think that he even offered my something to go with him but I said no and continued to walk as I kept my distance. I told only very few people this story and didnt think much of it until I saw the movie about the Zodiac killer at the theater. When the movie described what he looked like,his build,the type of car he drove and that he was in the Lake Berryessa area a few years earlier before my encounter…..I realized that there was a good chance that who I saw may of been him.
    I dont know if this info will be help in any way but I thought that you might be interested in it.
    Thank you
    Keith Moore

  4. dwight randolph 27 June, 2015 at 22:18 Reply

    did larry kane with his severe brain damage write all these letters and cyphersover the years what type of person was he ,childhood friemds, why would he be zodiac was that his personality the case is a mess nobody knows enough and too much kaen is best suspect he had help did Robert hunter write the letters probably kaen killed stine no doubt all the other up in the air good luck domingues case a lot topographically and all likr Russian river killing in 04 later

  5. dwight randolph 27 June, 2015 at 22:26 Reply

    I grew oup in marina pacheight area in 60 and early 70 and many people that resided near the stine killing belived a neighbor was involved Robert hunter and neighbor know their neighborhood in sf back then it was a small place kane killed stine and hunter was involved after the fact and maybe hid him as he wasn’t in presidio the stine killing is the key killing in solving it the is more than one person involved like arliss perry slain at Stanford

  6. Norma 26 July, 2015 at 22:30 Reply

    Today I saw the movie and I read a lot of the cases and for a moment I thought what if the killer was a policeman? I have a few theories numbered here #1 He is tall #2 He was trained well to use knifes and firearms #3 He had policeman flashlight #4 He knew the patrol areas of unpopular areas where couples would be #5 He knows the exact evidence to take to prove he committed the crimes #6 He had the ability to leave notes without errors while he left his papers behind #7 He is described as a very muscular guy and would be in shape as a police officer would be #8 He had an ego of a police officer when he would give children stickers of his insignia and forced them to wear it or he would kill again #9 He knew the right positions to place bombs so it would blow up the children school busses.
    There are many more things I can list but these are my thoughts on The Zodiac Killer.

  7. Joseph Covino Jr 2 December, 2015 at 13:57 Reply

    NONE of these posers and pretenders have seriously examined and analyzed the authentic, documented evidence in this case. Though a fictional work, this novel does: San Francisco’s Finest: Gunning for the Zodiac, which merely blends factual analysis of factual evidence into its fictional storyline, resulting in fact-(not fancy-)based conclusions, which the posers and pretenders remain in deliberate denial about, which is why Zodiac has eluded exposure after all this time, this conspiracy of stupidity perpetuated by the posers and pretenders:

  8. Jeanne 18 January, 2018 at 11:00 Reply

    Tom Voigt has hopped around from suspect to suspect, never being right, yet it is his word everyone goes by? 😀 Maybe he is part of the cover up.

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