Michael Kelleher, Ph.D. (author, Zodiac case expert, friend of this site and all-around good guy) sent me the following announcement regarding his website: zodiackillercase.com.

We have closed our website earlier than expected due to what can best be described as a confluence of fortunate circumstances and the inadvertent assistance of a few individuals in the community. The original plan was to review the status of the site in December and make a decision shortly thereafter. However, things moved much more quickly and in a more profound way than we could have hoped. So, luck and the actions of others helped out in a big way. The material so generously provided by our contributors has been preserved and will be made available in the future, without charge or encumbrances. I will continue to post on zodiackillerfacts.com on relevant subjects while the next step in this project continues behind the scenes.

In the relatively brief time that zodiackillercase.com was online, Mike had written a number of insightful pieces and skillfully channeled the talents of numerous other contributors (myself included) who covered a wide variety of Zodiac topics. I’m sad to see zodiackillercase.com close and I look forward to hearing more about Mike’s future endeavors.