The new ABC series Wicked City — set to premiere October 27 — recently released two new posters (one of which is shown below). The write-up accompanying the posters made passing reference to the Zodiac Killer. Specifically, the relevant paragraph reads (emphasis added):

Two detectives, Jack Roth and his newly assigned partner, Paco Contreras, are on the case. They suspect it could be part of a bigger murder spree…after all LA is the serial killer capital of the world – the Hillside Strangler, Freeway Killer, and the Zodiac Killer.

Of course, the Zodiac operated in San Francisco, not Los Angeles, although he did have some peripheral association with the city. Admittedly, I suppose the average would-be viewer of Wicked City cares little about such details. Even though this show is not the kind of programming I typically watch, it will be interesting to see if it achieves any degree of commercial success.

Wicked City Poster