A recent Vanity Fair article, Disaster Movie, discusses various aspects of the poorly-made movie, The Innocence of Muslims, which triggered violent protests across numerous Arab and Muslim nations.

What’s interesting, from a Zodiac-Killer perspective, is the way in which those involved with the film are trying to disassociate themselves from it. In particular, one of the actresses, Cindy Lee Garcia, filed a law suit claiming the creator of the film did not have permission to use her image (that’s a new one…). She further claimed that the release documents which bore her signature had been forged. To substantiate the assertion, she enlisted the expertise of a questioned-documents examiner whose claim to fame is that he worked on the case of the Zodiac Killer. From page three of the article (emphasis added):

Garcia is asserting copyright interest in The Innocence of Muslims, since she says she did not sign a release granting Nakoula the right to use her image. (Garcia’s suit includes expert testimony from a forensic analyst who worked on the case of the Zodiac Killer, asserting that Garcia’s handwriting and signatures on the releases provided by Nakoula are forged.)

I’m not sure if many of us will be paying attention by the time all of Ms. Garcia’s legal battles get settled. If you’re really interested, you may be happy to learn that the actress is writing a book about her experience, entitled: The Innocence of Cindy Garcia.