I need to provide an update regarding my progress on the book The Zodiac Revisited. For quite a while now, I’ve been working toward the goal of publishing in 2016. Unfortunately, I have to report that it’s not going to happen.

While I’ve been making solid progress, I’ve also been running into some difficulty. Because I’m trying to cover the subject in a comprehensive manner, the book is turning out to be quite long. Currently, it’s trending toward more than 500 pages. Additionally, as I’ve been going through the editing process, I’ve had to make some organizational changes that have necessitated quite a bit of rewriting.

Between the length, the rewriting, and the standard array of life activities requiring my attention – not the least of which is a relatively time-consuming full-time job – progress has been slower than I had hoped.

While I would like to get the book done as soon as possible, I also need to be happy with the result. I need to write The Zodiac Revisited such that I’m satisfied with itΒ at the time of publication, as well as years after the fact. This is my number one priority.

Given some of the variables I’m currently working with, I’m going to defer updating the target release date immediately. I’ll provide more information as it becomes available.