Tom Brady  - Deflategate and the Zodiac Killer?

Photo By Keith Allison

It’s interesting to observe all the different places where references to the Zodiac Killer show up. Every once in a while, a sports writer will use the killer to make a point, like this time during the 2012 NBA Playoffs. As it turns out, the media attention given to the recent NFL report on “Deflategate” has supplied just such a reference. From a May 8th Bleacher Report story (emphasis added):

Deflategate makes more sense as social satire than as an actual scandal. It’s like Alexander Pope’s Rape of the Lock, with cosmic forces warring over 0.7 psi of air pressure instead of a snip of a maiden’s hair. There are flawed heroes, complex villains, high stakes, sneaky maneuvers and a shady cover-up, plus an investigation with the scope of the hunt for the Zodiac killer. All that’s missing is anything, anything at all, that ever had any real impact on anything.

I’m assuming the author, Mike Tanier, is referring to the type of Zodiac Killer investigation the various law enforcement agencies had back in the day. Anymore, relatively few resources are allocated to the task of apprehending the killer…