The Story of Paul Stine

A picture of Paul Stine from The Story of Paul Stine….

A new article by Randall Clemons documents the tragedy of Paul Stine’s death; it’s entitled: The Story of Paul Stine and San Francisco’s Zodiac Killer Told in Pictures.

The collection of images, some which are styled and colorized, is impressive. The pictures and the writing really help to convey a simple truth that is often lost when we talk abstractly about the Zodiac’s victims. These were real people who were living real lives. They had hopes, dreams, family, friends, and the promise of a bright future. Of particular note, Paul was on the verge of earning a Ph.D. in English. First and foremost, the stories of the killer’s victims are tales of tragic loss.

The content of the story is mostly accurate. There is one obvious flaw: the path which the author identifies as the one the Zodiac followed upon leaving the Stine crime scene is incorrect. The killer went North on Cherry, turned East on Jackson, and then turned North again, entering the Presidio in the vicinity of the Julius Kahn Playground. Nonetheless, the article is worthy of your attention.