Zodiac Killer Riverside TimelineI expect to be roundly spanked for this little article. It’s happened before. However, it’s one thing to claim to be objective and another thing altogether to BE objective.

First, a brief disclaimer. Ray Grant, like a number of people in the online Zodiac community, is a controversial figure. I have never taken the time to read much of his work, other than his Riverside Timeline material. I am not writing to address his style, his presence in the community, his behavior, his state of mind, or anything else about him except for his Timeline work. I will not respond to any comments about anything except his Timeline theory. For the purpose of this article, it is ONLY his Timeline with which I am concerned. I don’t want to address the ongoing Internet Zodiac wars right now.

Some time ago, Grant began developing his Riverside Timeline theory and, for a time, posted it on his website. It then disappeared for a while and is now back up and available to read here (Internet Archive link). Please note that I am referring only to this page, which contains his Riverside work. I am not referring to any other portions of his site(s), and I am not concerned with them for the purpose of this article.

What Grant has done with his Timeline is not complete. It is a project in progress, as was the earlier incarnation of his theory. However, I feel that he has done some good work here. He has examined the Bates murder from a detailed and different perspective. He has made me re-think what I thought I knew about that murder, and he has raised issues that I have never seen discussed previously.

I have no idea where Grant is heading with this theory. Perhaps he is working out the details along the way, which is fine. However, I am pleased that he is doing it and that I have been given the opportunity to reexamine my own beliefs about the crime. If you can truly be objective, be true to the spirit of what open investigation should be, I recommend that you read what Grant has written about Riverside. I am not ready to climb on board with any of this simply because I have no idea where Grant is headed with his theory. However, so far, he has raised some valuable issues, which probably should have been raised a long time ago. To those who wish to spank anyone about this article, please take a moment to consider the spirit of objectivity before you hit that keyboard.

[Editor: Ray Grant has published a follow-up, related article: Riverside Revisited (Internet Archive link)]