Just over ten years ago, Michael Kelleher, Ph.D. and David Van Nuys, Ph.D. collaborated on an analysis of the Zodiac case. The fruit of their labor was the book This is the Zodiac Speaking: Into the Mind of a Serial Killer. In it, Kelleher tackled all aspects of the case and Van Nuys contributed his expert opinions by gleaning psychological insights from the Zodiac’s letters. People who have established beliefs about the case likely will find areas in which they disagree with the authors – I know I have a few. Nonetheless, given the thorough treatment, valuable analysis and high-quality writing, the Zodiac community is fortunate to have this book.

In recent weeks, Michael Kelleher has taken on the role of editor at a newly launched website: www.zodiackillercase.com. With multiple people contributing to the website, including David Van Nuys, it is quite likely that the site will evolve into an interesting and valuable collection of Zodiac facts and opinions. I encourage you to check it out.