Day #2 – Friday – July 5, 1974

Count Marco - July 5, 1974

Swinging Is Death On Marriage

A female psychologist says men and women still need marriage, but many couples need more than each other.

I’ll go along with that.

She also says there are an estimated eight million swingers (couples engaged in sexual activities with others) and that it satisfies their needs both for personal freedom and the security of marriage.

Couples do need more interest in their lives – but playing musical beds isn’t one of them.

Swinging is today’s variation of an old theme: the orgy.

And if that’s what satisfies your needs for “personal freedom and the security of marriage,” there’s something wrong with you and most certainly wrong with your marriage.

I’ll never cease to be amazed at public opinion.

A woman who is an honest prostitute is doing something illicit and illegal, but when a married woman indulges in swinging, she’s satisfying her needs for personal freedom and the security of marriage.

You figure that one out.

Husbands have cheated on their wives for centuries. By convincing you to join him he’s convincing himself he’s not cheating.

In this case it’s not the cookie that crumbles – it’s your marriage.

This post is part of a series, Ten Days of Count Marco, which examines the ten Count Marco columns leading up to the July 8, 1974 Count Marco letter.