The Zodiac killer is known to have written to three Bay-Area newspapers: the Vallejo Times Herald, the San Francisco Examiner and, his clear favorite, the San Francisco Chronicle. All three of these newspapers have survived to this day, and, not surprisingly, each has an online presence. Of particular note, is the online version of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Recently, the authors of the blog over at published what they described as a collection of mug shots to keep you up at night. It’s an enumeration of individuals who have collectively preyed upon our society by committing truly disturbing and heinous crimes.

This vile compilation of individuals is presented as a sequence of mug shots. However, one man’s impact on the Bay Area was so significant that the authors thought to include him despite the fact that he has, thus far, managed to avoid arrest and hence has no mug shot. In its place, they substituted a well-known composite drawing made by witnesses who watched the man in the minutes following the murder of a San Francisco cab driver… Need I say more?

BTW, be sure to turn on the captions if you’re interested in getting all of the disturbing details.