Vallejo California SignThe Associated Press decided to do a short profile of Vallejo, California which appeared in a number of newspapers over the last couple of days.

In predictably pleasant form, the article’s “Claim to Fame” section starts out by noting that Vallejo briefly served as the state capital of California. With that pleasantry out of the way, it then moves on to deal with the city’s more infamous distinction of being strongly associated with the Bay Area’s most well-known serial killer.

Par for the course, the author also touches on Vallejo’s other historic achievement – the dubious honor of becoming California’s largest city to declare bankruptcy back in 2008. Perhaps the read would have been a bit more interesting if it had mentioned some of Vallejo’s more colorful moments such as the Mayor’s motorcycle getting stolen from the City Hall parking lot.

I did find the last section, “Sign of the Times,” strangely poignant:

Many traffic signals in Vallejo are set to permanently blink. The half-empty city hall now has “please ring bell” signs in place of receptionists. The town’s symphony, which used to perform six shows a year, now performs two.

And I also have to admit, I had no idea that Sly Stone and Ed Rollins live in Vallejo. I guess you really do learn something new every day…