[ video no longer available ]

The AMC channel is premiering an original, fictional series entitled: The Killing. In an effort to promote the series premier, the channel has been airing a number of five-minute segments detailing actual murders that are both notorious and unsolved. Not surprisingly,

the Zodiac was at the top of the list.

This short episode is reasonably well done. As with most treatments of the Zodiac, there are a few problems here and there, e.g. the Zodiac was wielding shotguns, who knew? Further, some of it is a bit over the top, such as the suggestion that the killer was single-handedly responsible for smothering the “ideals of the 1960s.” Nonetheless, there is some good video footage and a couple good audio clips; I especially liked hearing Patrick McMahon from the Napa County Sheriff Department’s Cold Case Unit saying: “I wouldn’t be working on it if we didn’t think we could solve it.” Furthermore, as someone who hopes to see the killer identified one day, it’s hard not to like an entity with the exposure of AMC helping to keep the case in the public eye.

You may also be interested in checking out the other five-minute videos that AMC produced for the promotion.

UPDATE: The video clips are no longer working through the AMC site (even on their own blog). So, I updated the video to point to a different copy [which is now also no longer available ].