New Robert Domingos, Linda Edwards Article

The Santa Barbara Independent, a local newspaper and news website serving the greater Santa Barbara area, published a new article that discusses the murders of Robert Domingos and Linda Edwards - as well as another couple. The article is entitled: Murdered but Not Forgotten. Much of the discussion of the Domingos-Edwards case is centered around an interview of Dr. John Averitt, the former schoolmate of the victims who recently created an excellent documentary that describes the details and circumstances surrounding the murders.

The article points out that the Domingos-Edwards murders were committed 48 years ago this summer. These forty-eight years have yielded nothing but frustration and injustice. Soon we'll be crossing the half-century boundary. Let's hope that the near future holds some type of resolution for this case.

Michael Cole


  1. Tom Wing 2 February, 2018 at 14:04 Reply

    Mike,my name is Tom and I live in the Rochester,NY area.Art Shawcross’s old hunting grounds. Have been looking at two sadistic cold case events that took place here in 1963 and 1966. Very interesting ties to California.
    E-mail me if you want. Thanks, Tom

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